Ceramic tiles provide numerous practical and technical advantages, and thanks to innovative technology, they are also very versatile in terms of look & feel.
With an eye on style and design, and a drive innovation and perfection, RG Tegel is constantly looking for suitable partners within Europe.
Following a brainstorming meeting with you, we will provide custom suggestions for your project. You can count on hassle-free delivery of your chosen materials, and since RG Tegel has all tiles in stock, you’ll never have to wait long on your order.
RG Tegel is known for its dependable service – something we’re proud of and want to keep that way. We guarantee the availability of our materials from our own stock, thereby avoiding unnecessary project delays.
RG Tegel is a trusted and valued partner for many ambitious construction and renovation projects within the Belgian construction industry.
We also pride ourselves on our seamless distribution and our service catering to the Belgian tiles industry. We are partnered with more than 140 showrooms worldwide.
In short, at RG Tegel you can count on personalised and dedicated service.
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