About RG Tegel

His son-in-law Richard Vergauwen further expanded the company into a wholesaler that would display their materials in over 140 showrooms throughout Flanders.
In 2013 Caroline Vergauwen, granddaughter of Gustaaf Rosseau and daughter of Richard Vergauwen, took over the company and successfully improved its position on the contract project market.
Today, RG Tegel 2.0 is managed by a team of four, who all complement each other perfectly, ensuring that each link in the organisational chain is more than just simply the sum of its parts. Consisting of slightly over 60 people, the company is strongly represented as a wholesaler in Flanders and Wallonia and covers the Flemish contract project world.

Caroline Vergauwen CEO and Purchasing
Katleen Lemmens MD Wholesale
Jonathan Daniëls MD Contract Project Market
Nick D’Joos CFO

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